(6 Sheets) Hapipana Bib Baby Bib 100% Cotton 6-Fold Gauze Petal Type 360 Degree Rotation For Meals Sty Soft Birth Festive Gift (Baby Girl)


(6 Sheets) Hapipana Bib Baby Bib 100% Cotton 6-Fold Gauze Petal Type 360 Degree Rotation For Meals Sty Soft Birth Festive Gift (Baby Girl)

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https://jp.9020.com/6-sheets-hapipana-bib-baby-bib-100-cotton-6-fold-gauze-petal-type-360-degree-rotation-for-meals-sty-soft-birth-festive-gift-baby-girl [Safe 6-layer gauze material] 6-layer gauze, made of 100% cotton natural material, is very soft, protects baby’s delicate skin and can be used with confidence. It does not contain fluorescent agents or harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, so it is safe for babies to give up on bibs. [Contents of the set] Six bibs of six different patterns. Size: 25 * 27 cm, width of the neck: 9 cm, it is a style perfect for babies 0-3 years old. [Necessity] When the baby begins to grow, the amount of dripping increases and the clothes often get wet. In addition, I often drop food on clothes while eating and dirty clothes. Some children like to put clothes in their mouths and bite. If you have a bib, you won’t have to worry about dirtying your clothes or putting your filthy clothes in your mouth, and your mother will be easier. [Superior breathability / water absorption] Excellent breathability / water absorption, always refreshing, keeping clean, you can use it comfortably and safely. In addition, it is a reversible style that can be changed in two ways, and it can be rotated 360 °, making it extremely easy to use. A rich pattern, a set of six cute designs, it is also recommended for your own, as a gift of birth celebration. [Quality Assurance] If you purchase a bib from the Hapipana online store, a 60-day warranty period will apply. Please contact us if you have any problems within 60 days. If there is a defect, a shortage, or a defect in the product, this can be refunded or exchanged. https://jp.9020.com/6-sheets-hapipana-bib-baby-bib-100-cotton-6-fold-gauze-petal-type-360-degree-rotation-for-meals-sty-soft-birth-festive-gift-baby-girl
degree-rotation-for-meals-sty-soft-birth-festive-gift-baby-girl 【安全な6重ガーゼ素材】6重ガーゼ、綿100%の天然素材で作られ、とても柔らかくて、赤ちゃんの繊細なお肌を守り、安心してご利用頂けます。蛍光剤やホルムアルデヒドなどの有害な化学物質が含まれなくて、赤ちゃんがよだれかけを舐めても安心です。 【セットの内容】6種類の柄のよだれかけ6枚。サイズ:25*27cm、ネックの幅:9cm,0-3歳の赤ちゃんにぴったりのスタイです。 【必要性】赤ちゃんは乳歯が生え始めると、よだれが増量し、よくお洋服を濡らしてしまいます。また食事中にご飯を洋服に落として洋服を汚してしまうことも多いです。洋服を口に入れたり噛んだりするのが好きな子もいます。よだれかけがあれば、お洋服を汚れることも、赤ちゃんが不潔な服を口に入れることも心配がなくなり、お母さんは楽になります。 【優れた通気性・吸水性】優れた通気性・吸水性を持ち、いつでも爽やかで、清潔であるように保ち、快適で安心してご利用頂けます。また、2通り付け替えられるリバーシブルタイプのスタイで、360°回転でき、使い勝手が大変よいです。豊かな柄、可愛いデザインを盛り込んだ6枚セット、ご自身用にも、出産お祝いのギフトにもおすすめです。 【品質保証】 Hapipana オンラインストアからよだれかけを購入する場合、60日間の保証期が付きます。60日以内で何かご問題がありましたらご連絡下さい。商品に不備、不足、不良が御座いましたら、こちらは返金、交換することができます。 https://jp.9020.com/6-sheets-hapipana-bib-baby-bib-100-cotton-6-fold-gauze-petal-type-360-degree-rotation-for-meals-sty-soft-birth-festive-gift-baby-girl
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