Spring And Summer Daytime Travel Pleated Long Sleeve Ribbon Waist Bandwidth Loose Cute Fresh Lined Commuter Trip


Spring And Summer Daytime Travel Pleated Long Sleeve Ribbon Waist Bandwidth Loose Cute Fresh Lined Commuter Trip

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-A fine pleat with a slightly different appearance due to light rays has come in the form of a dress that creates a gentle and stylish image along with a softly spreading silhouette. There are plenty of flares without body type restrictions, so you can cover body type and get dressed. A soft, breathable chiffon material that feels good and is an easy-to-wear long dress.
Material ●: polyester; One size: Length 115 cm Bust 120 cm Shoulder width 37 cm Sleeve length 57 cm; Recommended weight: 40 ~ 80 kg. ※ Due to the manufacturing process, the actual size of each measurement point (flat) from about [about-2 cm ~ + 2 cm] I have been about the tolerance of the error. ※ The color may look slightly different due to the effects of the shooting environment and the computer display. ※ We recommend hand wash. Because it will be easier to color transfer, please separate from other clothes, wash on separately, shape and dry immediately.
-Show airy movement, active from daily to fashionable scene. The frilled stand collar has a small face effect and the candy sleeve is full of cute atmosphere. The waist is squeezed by the ribbon belt and it becomes a narrow line and has a long leg effect, and it is an item that can be switched without using the ribbon.
Lined ●, with a solid fabric, there is no doubt that the coming season will of course be a big success in the long season. Simple, mature and wearable, with a busy morning, and an undecided morning to wear, it’s a heartwarming item that can be worn quickly. Ideal for commuting, going out or dating.
● Even if there is any problem with the product, we will reply within 24 hours, so please feel free to contact us by email. We will do our best to support you. This is sold under two brands: (Song of Song) Song of Song and (Suiya) Sueeya. In order to guarantee the quality, please confirm the purchase of the (Song of Song) Song of Song and the Sueeya Store. https://jp.9020.com/spring-and-summer-daytime-travel-pleated-long-sleeve-ribbon-waist-bandwidth-loose-cute-fresh-lined-commuter-trip
●素材:ポリエステル。ワンサイズ:長さ115 cmバスト120 cm肩幅37 cm袖丈57 cm。推奨重量:40〜80キロ。 ※製造工程上、各測定点の実寸サイズ(平置き)から【約-2cm〜+ 2cm】程度の誤差の公差がついております。 ※撮影環境やパソコンのディスプレイの影響により、色が多少異なる場合があります。 ※手洗いをおすすめします。色移りしやすくなりますので、他の衣服とは別に、別々に洗い、形を整えてすぐに乾かしてください。
●商品に問題があっても、24時間以内に返信させていただきますので、メールにてお気軽にお問い合わせください。私たちはあなたをサポートするために最善を尽くします。これは2つのブランドの下で販売されています:(Song of Song)Song of Songと(Suiya)Sueeya。品質を保証するために、(Song of Song)Song of SongとSueeyaストアの購入を確認してください。https://jp.9020.com/spring-and-summer-daytime-travel-pleated-long-sleeve-ribbon-waist-bandwidth-loose-cute-fresh-lined-commuter-trip
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