Made In Japan Formal Bag Jacquard Black Ceremonial Occasion Black

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Made In Japan Formal Bag Jacquard Black Ceremonial Occasion Black

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● All Made in Japan ● The F1 series is a domestic factory specializing in formal bags, and the material is a formal bag tailored to all Japanese products. ● Deep black ● Fabric used Triacetate is a material with silky luster and soft touch while dyed in deep black. ※ The picture is taken with a strong light
● Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen ● Formal bag craftsmen The craftsmen of a single line use the traditional “pasting” technique and carefully handcraft one item per item. ● The bottom ●● The bottom using the Japanese-made metal fittings is beaten in 4 places in F1 series all products. It is balanced to be stable when placed
● Gazette ● Folded gusset has been taken fairly deep, has become a large opening ● Special service ● We will serve at a special special price in a limited time until the reviews are gathered. We are considering raising prices according to the sales situation.
[Characteristics of this product]-Accented with jacquard material on Cub Seline. Basic formal bag of simple and sober design ・ One place in the inside pocket 【Size】 Width up to about 23.5 cm Height about 16 cm (back body part excluding hand-held part) Gusse maximum about 8 cm
[Producer] Japan Domestic handmade All materials, including core materials, fabrics and metal fittings, are all made in Japan [Material] Outer material: Triacetated polyester blend Lining: Polyester <Used scene> Funeral ceremonial funeral black formal passing night Funeral marriage Ceremony Called Entrance Ceremony Entrance Ceremony Graduation Ceremony Graduation Entrance Examination Interview
●オールメイドインジャパン●F1シリーズはフォーマルバッグ専門の国内工場で、素材は日本の全商品に合わせたフォーマルバッグです。 ●ディープブラック●生地使用トリアセテートは絹のような光沢と柔らかな肌触りの素材で、深みのある黒に染められています。 ※写真は強い光で撮影したものです
●熟練した職人による手作り●正式なバッグ職人1列の職人は伝統的な「ペースト」技術を使用し、アイテムごとに1つのアイテムを注意深く手作りします。 ●底面●●F1シリーズ全製品で日本製の金具を使用した底面が4か所で叩かれています。置いたときに安定するようにバランスが取れています
[この商品の特徴] – カブセリーヌにジャカード素材を使用。シンプルで落ち着いたデザインのベーシックフォーマルバッグ・内側のポケットに1か所【サイズ】幅最大約23.5cm高さ約16cm(手持ち部分を除く後身頃)最大約8cm
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