high waist wide leg pants retro gentle chiffon pants

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high waist wide leg pants retro gentle chiffon pants

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Welcome to the triangle wardrobe , All the libraries are in stock , Please rest assured of the water . Freight subsidy : Freight at full 299 minus 25 The goods sold in this place are absolutely cp value , cheap , screened . Many of the same commodities on the market , But the price is different from the material . Therefore , The boss is looking for the price in particular . The material is good , Let the water people buy clothes that are worth a lot of money . I dare not say it ‘s the best , But it ‘s definitely better . Noting in particular , Knitoids have threads due to process problems , The buyer needs to cut it off . And knitted clothes have a little flavor for machine manufacture , sealed packaging , etc . After washing , drying the flavor will basically remove . If you mind taking a cautious tap , The thread and taste do not serve as defects . < Dimensions of Goods > In the second picture Oh , If there is no product , the manufacturer does not provide the size sheet . It is recommended that water can be taken up to the normal size of clothing . In addition , If you receive a defective or unsize item , Please have a chat with us . Please don ‘t rush to evaluate us . We ‘ll definitely solve the problem . Hopefully good service will allow you to continue buying back , It ‘s not a hammer . Days 1 3 after the order was sent , Generally arrive at the gate of the city about seven days , No rush orders . Quality assurance , Supporting delivery , Price is affordable , Welcome to wholesale .

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